Durobuilt Quality Steel Buildings

Durobuilt is proudly locally owned and operated. Durobuilt has been supplying Quality Steel Buildings to many happy customers around New Zealand and Overseas since 1988. Durobuilt aims to provide the best possible service to each and every client.

Extensive Range of Steel Buildings From New Zealand

Durobuilt offers an extensive range of cold-formed Steel Buildings and Structural Steel Design & Build options, all our buildings are designed by Kiwis for Kiwi conditions these include Cold-Formed Steel Gable Clear Spans from 5-28m, Mono Pitch Clear Spans from 5-9m span both styles can stretch to any required length and Span. Durobuilt has the ability to go beyond the Cold-Formed Steel Range through the in house fabrication of structural steel buildings, these buildings can be tailored to suit your requirements and like the Cold-Formed Buildings can be supplied as a Kitset or fully erected structure.

Unique Durobuilt Steel Buildings

Durobuilts uniqueness is in the strength of the real steel hot dipped galvanized connections connected to the Cold-Formed Steel Building portals by high tensile bolts, this gives Durobuilt unparalleled quality in the Steel Shed Market. Please compare the quality of our locally manufactured buildings before you make your decision.

let us know what you require and let Durobuilt design a building to suit your needs, feel free to contact Durobuilt for a free no obligation quotation.

Quality Construction

The Durobuilt Buildings System is manufactured for quick and easy erection. All components are cut to length, pre-drilled and simply bolt together. Where kitsets require containerisation for export, components are manufactured to suitable lengths.

Economy and Cost Savings

Simple design leads to rapid building construction these combine to maximise most benefits into the Durobuilt Systems.  The art of keeping things simple combined with sound engineering plus new innovative methods of construction ensure a high quality building system and maximum cost savings.

Functional, attractive and maintenance free

Durobuilt Building’s unique system, combining cold-formed steel portals with quality real steel bolted connections provides Durobuilt with unparalleled quality; this is proving popular in many varied applications. Economies coupled with maintenance free exteriors create a durable, environmentally attractive building system with many end uses.

  • Quality Construction
  • Economy and Cost Savings
  • Functional and Attractive
  • Maintenance Free